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Overtraining Syndrome: The Deep Dive Behind Fatigue & Decreased Performance of Runners & Triathletes

After years of working with endurance athletes (and being one myself), I’ve come to realize that many, if not almost all, fit a certain mold. They have similar personalities: intense, ambitious, and determined. They all have similar workout routines with overlapping seasons providing little to no recovery time. And unfortunately, some of them may suffer from a similar ailment: overtraining and the even more significant, Overtraining Syndrome.

Yup, believe it or not, Overtraining Syndrome (OTS) is real, and it can prove to be a significant detriment to your performance and health if not taken care of. Now, I have a feeling some of you might be asking yourselves “C’mon, can my intense workout schedule really be hindering my health?” In one, simple word – YES! It may sound counterintuitive but working out too much and too often for too long throughout the year will worsen your performance. And that intense training can bring on Overtraining Syndrome.

Why does this happen? A