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Runners of Long Island,
Is Finding The Right Professional To Help With All Of Your Health And Wellness Needs A Struggle For You? Here Is Some Good News For You...

How We Help...



Whether pain, aches, injury, or other troubles keep you from doing the things you love, the staff at Ascent PT has your back! We use our world class staff to provide you with a level of service not seen elsewhere using a cutting edge, evidenced-based, 1:1 approach tailored specifically tailored towards runners and other endurance athletes. 


We make sure to work specifically on you as a whole person to help you attain your goals in a way you feel you are in a safe space to discuss in depth desires and needs, get to the root cause of the problem, become educated on how to prevent this type of issue from ever returning, and BEST of all, walk out of our services feeling better than when the ache or pain ever started.  



Every athlete, regardless of sport, deals with aches and soreness as a result of training. Being able to continue training consistently without have to either take time off or alter training can hinder performance on race day. 


At Ascent PT, we take those worries away by providing you with a detailed approach about how to prepare for and recover from training induced effects such as soreness so that you can continue to train/compete (and improve) as you move throughout your training program. 


Our approach is always based on your individual needs and goals and developed as a team together so that we make you happy while giving you the best results.  



We all want to perform at our best. Being able to understand where you are currently at before determining what it will take to get you to your goals is what most training plans tend to leave out. 

Not only do we look at improving your performance overall as an athlete but we also look to educate and provide you with a bulletproof strategy to stay injury free. 

At Ascent PT we use a very highly detailed medically based approach to determine your current physical performance nature and determine along with your goals in mind to figure out what it will take to be  able to obtain success in your competitive running goals for the season.

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This totally FREE guide - written by leading sports specialist and Physical Therapist, Dr. Robert Berghorn, Jr - contains his best advice on how to keep running and stay active while achieving personal bests WITHOUT pain or injury!- Click the link below to get your FREE guide today. 


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"100% would recommend Rob. He's creative, thoughtful, committed and knowledgeable. He's not single-minded in terms of treatment strategy and plan --- he thoughtfully planned and adjusted my treatments. Video workouts throughout the week and communications between sessions kept me on track. Plus, he comes to your location so no waiting! I really appreciate his dedication and help!"

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"I came to him exhibiting a lot of pain in my hip and after being told that I can no longer do many of the activities that I love to do, including running outside, I was frustrated. By working with Rob 1:1, I had someone push me to do my best while giving me a program that is manageable with a busy schedule. I am now happy to report that after 12 weeks, I am no longer experiencing hip pain and just ran in my first race in 8 years and I have many more on the horizon."

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