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What Others Say About Us

Customer Testimonials

"My back pain started in 2005 in 2010 I had a spinal fusion from the L2 level through S1 that surgery was a failure and 2014 I had to have a revision done on the same level with L2 through S1 I then met Rob he was my physical therapist and I was walking with the use of a walker Rob worked so hard with me and so well he has patients he is smart he got me to live my life again I worked with Rob over the course of three years I now walk without a walker and he got me healthy enough that I was blessed to be able to move to the beautiful state of Florida and enjoy all it has to offer Rob Berg One is by far the best physical therapist out there"


"Robert Berghorn Jr has been my Physical therapist since I had my hip scope surgery in June 2019. He as pushed me in ways I never thought possible - 2 twice a week - up to 2 hrs a session- I'm doing things I never thought possible. Especially with a 15-year-old knee osteotomy (google that). I am so happy to say Rob is starting his own practice - If you ever are looking for an amazing Physical Therapist - Rob is that person - And he has put up with me - which says how good he is!"


"I was in a car accident in March of 2020. Limited movement in my shoulders and arm, regular spasms, numbness and tingling down my arms and difficulty sleeping. Unable to get treatment in person due to local Covid-19 related closings, Robert at Ascent Physical Therapy stepped up and was able to put me on a regimen using virtual meeting tools that brought my pain down to near nominal levels. Within just 1 week I was able to lift my arms over my head again, lowered the frequency of spasms and helped me get a good nights sleep again. He helped me get my movement back to a point I didn't think possible this quickly. A true and literal miracle worker and I cannot thank him enough."

- Jeremy O

Rob is an amazing DPT. He has helped me in my recovery from knee surgery. He always makes sure that I am comfortable and progressing at a safe pace. I would not be as far along in my recovery if I had not been referred to Rob through a friend. Rob is extremely professional and knows what he is doing; I recommend him 100%.

- Lisa W

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