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3 Running Mistakes You Are Making That Could Cause Sciatica

Is sciatica appearing every time you run?

You lace up your shoes, get out on the trail, and look forward to the euphoria of a long run.

But then there's that familiar twinge in your lower back, gradually snaking its way down your leg.

As an endurance athlete or an active adult, nothing dampens the spirit like recurring pain.

It’s not just about the physical discomfort; it's the emotional toll of not enjoying your runs and the constant fear of your next doctor visit.

What if the way you're running is the root cause of your sciatica?

In this blog you will delve into common mistakes people make on their runs, that could cause sciatica.

Understanding Sciatica

Sciatica isn’t just a random pain; it's a symptom of an underlying issue, typically involving the sciatic nerve.

This nerve is the longest in your body, running from the lower spine, through the buttocks, and down each leg.

Any compression or irritation can lead to the characteristic pain, numbness, or tingling associated with sciatica.

Within runners, the most common cause is overuse and fatigue of your piriformis, but other factors may be at hand.

While there are multiple causes, let’s delve into how your running habits might be contributing.

3 Running Mistakes That Could Cause Sciatica

Poor Running Form

Ask yourself.

Are your hips titled while running? Are you leaning too far forward?

Maintaining a proper running posture is paramount.

Slouching or leaning too far forward can put undue pressure on your lower back. Overstriding, or landing your foot too far in front of your hip, can also lead to excessive impact on the lumbar spine, causing irritation to the sciatic nerve.

The solution?

Regularly check in with your form, especially when fatigued. Consider getting a physical therapist to correct any poor posture.

Inadequate Footwear

I understand that running shoes are expensive, but health is wealth.

Your shoes are the foundation of your run.

Old or unsuitable shoes lack the support and cushioning required, leading to increased shock absorption in your legs and spine.

Every foot is unique, and so is its requirement.

Visiting a specialty running store where experts can evaluate your gait and recommend the best fit can make a world of difference.

Ignoring Strength Training & Flexibility

While running is cardio, strength training CANNOT be ignored.

Running is a repetitive motion. If the muscles supporting this motion, especially your core, hips, and glutes, aren't strong, other areas, like your lower back, compensate, leading to potential sciatic nerve irritation.

Moreover, tight hamstrings or hip flexors can pull on the pelvis, altering your posture.

Incorporating a mix of strength training and flexibility exercises into your training plan is crucial.

Think beyond just miles; think holistic health.

Ready To Run Without Causing Sciatica?

It's essential to recognize that while running mistakes can cause sciatica, running also provides a world of benefits.

The key lies in identifying and rectifying mistakes to run pain-free.

Our expert clinic specializes in helping active adults and endurance athletes stay pain-free and keep injuries at bay.

Having helped countless athletes, Instead of dreading the next run or fearing another painful flare-up, imagine a life where you embrace each stride, knowing you're in the best shape to enjoy it.

This month, Robert we are offering you a specialized $57 sciatica assessment. Isn't it time you got to the root of your pain? Seek expert advice, adjust your running habits, and get back on the trail with confidence.

Remember, enduring pain doesn’t make you stronger; addressing it does.

To schedule your assessment and take the first step towards a pain-free active lifestyle, book your $57 sciatica assessment.

Because every step should take you forward, not hold you back.

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