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Not feeling your best? Feeling like you do not recover as quickly as you used to? Does it take a while for you to get going in the morning or in your workouts...This may be the solution for you.


At Ascent Physical Therapy, we not only focus on helping people get out of injury and pain but also keep them moving and functioning at their best (even as they age youthfully). If you are someone who is willing to make a serious change for the coming year and would like to tackle your goals and resolutions head on in 2022, you have made the right decision by picking this up.


This is an extremely customizable package and limited amount available as we want to make sure that you will succeed. The price you pay today is a deposit to get on the schedule and to set up a conversation with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to come up with the plan that is best for you. Claim your voucher TODAY by calling 516-387-4669 so you do not miss out on this deal of a lifetime!!!

New Year, New You Wellness Package (Discounted)

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