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Impact!!...And Its Impact on You...What to Do About Osteoporosis and Steps to Prevent It

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Before getting into the meat and potatoes of today's post, I want to bring a little philosophy into this by saying:

"You are who you are today. The person you are today will not be the person you are tomorrow."

Today, you have an opportunity to make a difference in your life. Each day after that, you get a new opportunity to do something else to make a difference. It can be as small as going for a walk instead of sitting on Instagram or Facebook for an hour, or as large as setting out on the Ironman you have always been looking to start. Just remember that you do have the power to do something. All it takes is just a step.

This step can be a step forward toward your goal, a step to the side if the approach you are going about is not working out the way you have not planned, or it can be a step backward if your action needs some level of re-evaluation. The point is that you are taking ACTION!!! Without action, you go about repeating the same thing day in and day out without growth...without fulfillment...without satisfaction.

Always remember, you have control of your own life. If you need someone to help you see from the 30,000 ft. view, make sure you find the right life coach or mentor who can help you that specializes in the area you wish to tackle. If it involves your function and physical ability to perform activity though, make sure you see your Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in what you want to accomplish. (You wouldn't go to a suspension and brakes specialist for your car when you have a transmission problem, right?)

Anyway, let’s get to the nuts and bolts of this blog post today. Physical Impact rather than the philosophical.


Impact on your body is something that happens every time you take a step. While important, impact can be something that leads to pain and injury as well. The same goes for lack of impact or stress applied to the body ALSO resulting in pain and injury...but we will get into that soon.

Stress, strain, impact, and pressure are different names for force applied to an object. Our body, and even more specific our skeletal structure, is the object in this sense. As we develop in our childhood and adolescent years, we are growing taller, larger, and more mature overall. The amount and the types of activity you perform during this period, especially during adolescence, will impact (there's that word again) the amount of bone density you will have as you age into your adult years.