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Get Rid of That Shoulder Pinch In a Cinch With A Quick Postural Switch

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Over the past year, we have been spending more time at home. That may entail sitting at the kitchen or dining room table on zoom work calls all day, or being even more active and taking advantage of the time you otherwise would be commuting. However, this part really doesn’t necessarily are still in shoulder pain.

This pain can be something that occurs all day every day, or something that happens when you make "just the right move." Something that keeps you up at night when you lay on your side or limits how much activity you can do.

What matters is that you are looking for the right solution to deal with it. Something natural and non-invasive that can get you back to doing the activities and sports that you love to do as soon as possible. Am I right?

Whenever I work with patients and clients that have these types of issues, they always have the same questions: Why me? Why now? What's causing this? Why won't it go away? How can I fix this?

Why me? Why Now?

The straightforward answer is that this all probably started from something you have been doing for weeks, months, or even years (especially if there was no specific origin like falling, lifting something that resulted in immediate pain, etc.). It can be something as simple as the way you have been leaning to the side on your desk or the number of times you move your mouse. It can even stem from the length of time you have been using that arm to do the same type of task every day, such as moving the mouse on the keyboard.

Oftentimes, it is not what you specifically do that is the issue but rather how long you are doing it.