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Continuing to Maintain Your Physical Therapy Gains In the Age of Covid-19

I am sure everyone reading this is SICK of hearing about this virus that has been ravaging our country. Before you decide to click out of the page, I hope you consider reading a little further. I promise not to lecture anyone on things they have heard too much about already like "washing your hands" but at the same time life doesn't stop because of a pandemic.

Being under stay at home orders, a large amount of our community here on Long Island are spending more time sitting than usual. Whether we are working, spending time doing more of the things they love to do, spending more time with family, or lounging out and binge watching all of the series on Netflix; we are still not being as active in general now as we should be....but all of those things I mentioned are good aren't they???? YES! it is a fantastic time to catch up on the things we have been missing out on like family, spending less time commuting and giving more time to our family, and many more! However, if we are doing that in a sedentary state and not being as active as we should be, we could be setting ourselves up for some changes. How many of you since the implementation of the "Stay at Home" orders have experienced:

- tightness or discomfort in your hips or knees when you first get up from your couch or favorite chair?

- increased achiness and discomfort when moving around during the day or feeling like you are stiffer in general?

- getting pains you did not have before in your low back?

- had some other incident at home or while out that you are now afraid to go out to see a medical professional about because you do not want to catch something???

Yes, we all have that instance where we set off something that gives us some level of discomfort or even the worst pain of our lives. It does not matter when or where it happens but it happens to everyone. However, there should be no fear if this happens to you while at home!

There is access to high quality level care right in the comfort of your own home with just the touch of a button on your cell phone or computer!!

Many doctors and medical practitioners are available to speak with you and help you immediately with your health care needs! Being in person is the general sense of what health care has been but with the current environment doesn't necessarily allow us to meet in person unless we are in dire need of assistance.

Telehealth/telemedicine/evisits....whatever you want to call it...Virtual health has been on the rise over the course of many years. However, due to the introduction of this pandemic over the past few months, it has SKY-ROCKETED in usage and many are taking advantage of receiving their care at home.

How it works is you communicate with your medical practitioner (physical therapist, MD, psychologist, etc.) or your practitioner will reach out to you asking if you would like to consider continuing your care through a virtual format. You will set up an appointment like you would with any other appointment where you will receive an email inviting you to the virtual appointment.