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4 Tips to Stay Consistent with Your Goals for 2021

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

As many of you know, 2020 has not been the best year for any of us. As we enter the new year, we hope that this will help turn the page to something brighter. Just the same as most other years, there are plenty of people making the pledge to improve their health and activity levels. Whether that means becoming more active in general (not too hard after this past year), losing weight, or eating better, I am sure there are some of you reading this who have failed in the past or know someone who has failed in their attempt.

Regardless of whether this is your first attempt or your 20th attempt to improve your health for this year, I hope these tips help give you a little added boost in assisting you to understand that you CAN do this.

These tips are very simple and seem very intuitive but one of the main problems of why things still fail is simply that people just forget about them. Consistency is vital in making a lifelong change in what you hope to accomplish. It does take work, mindpower, and will to achieve it. Always be sure to remember the WHY for what you are doing or hope to achieve. Keeping the WHY in your mind will ensure that you have some increased motivation to succeed.


These tips are things to help with consistency of your goals and not with the goals themselves. Consistency helps turn change or a habit into a step to a life-long healthier you. Here are those tips:

#1: Ease Into It

One of the single largest mistakes people make when making a resolution or change in their life for the new year is that they go "gung-ho" into it. It’s fine if you do so but you need to have an even stronger will and the right environment to do so. Since that perfect situation doesn't fit for most people, make sure you are taking your time to ease into it.