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Dealing with stubborn aches, pains, or issues that don't seem to go away?

Tried the Chiro, PT, Medications, Injections but nothing seems to work?

Tired of having nobody feeling like nobody is listening to you or what you are going through?


At Ascent Physical Therapy, we make sure we can give you clarity & direction in getting you back to being healthy and functioning at your best so you no longer have to worry about:


- Missing out on training or competition


- Feeling left out when having sit on the sideline when playing with the kids or grandkids


- Aging ungracefully so that you can continue doing what you love longer and better than before.


The price you pay today is a place to hold on the schedule as there are only limited spots available. Based on your needs and desires we will discuss a plan and come to a decision on where we want to go from there. Claim your voucher TODAY by calling 516-387-4669 so you do not miss out on this deal of a lifetime!!!

Buy 5 Sessions, Get 1 Free Package

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