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Neck Pain: Why is Flossing Good for You?...And I Am Not Talking About Your Teeth...

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

When most people think of flossing, they immediately think of their teeth, and having the dentist scold them for not being diligent with their flossing routine! But the flossing I’m referring to in this blog pertains to another part of the body – our nerves! Yes, just like our teeth, our nerves at times need to be flossed. Also known as nerve gliding or neural glides, nerve flossing simply refers to the method used to ease neural tension in different areas of the human body.

Let’s talk a bit about our amazing nervous system first and then I’ll proceed about the benefits of nerve flossing to see if it’s the right technique for you.


Our nervous system is a very unique and special system that allows us as humans to do everything possible during the day, including breathing and keeping our ticker ticking. The nervous system of the average adult extends over 37 miles with an innumerable measure of receptors that transmit and receive information, so our brain knows what's going on in our body. Fascinating, right? Did you also know that our nerves can stretch too? About 6% of its resting length!