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How Effective and Safe is the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine???

If you have been continuing to stay glued to the news about what has been up about the new vaccine that was approved on 12/12/2020 then you know that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for ..with the Moderna one just approved for emergency use 20-0 by the FDA as I am writing this. Many people still question its effectiveness and safety based on how politicized it has become based on this past year's election as well as how quickly it has been pushed out compared to vaccines in the past. Despite these factors, there are still many anti-vaccinators out there as well who refuse to put even the most essential ones in their body due to fears of autism, cancer, etc. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this (everyone should have control of what goes into their body) but this only enhances the distrust of this vaccine. However, there have been studies by very reputable sources like the New England Journal of Medicine (2nd largest viewed medical journal). In this study, they reported not only the preliminary effectiveness of the vaccine but also talked about preliminary safety measures. The link to the article I have included below for your convenience:

As with all studies, they are never perfect and this is no different than the rest. Based on the study we do not have a full, drawn out data that we usually do as a result of the short term, emergency approval needed to quell the spread and deaths across the nation and the world. We have been in a race this entire year to find a cure so don't think that corners were cut, it is just that the timeline has been shortened to get approval for general population usage.

One major reason why this vaccine has been approved much faster than others lies within the vaccine itself. This vaccine is much different than any other vaccine created. A result of study and innovation over the past 30 years to create a vaccine that can not only help cure viruses but also assist in a cure for cancer (at least that is the hope for the future with the passing of this vaccine).

This vaccine uses an mRNA sequence of the Covid-19 virus itself instead of an actual weakened or dead virus as per usual in other vaccines such as for influenza, shingles, etc. Essentially, our cells are made of DNA but viruses only contain RNA in its core or nucleus. The RNA of a virus attaches to the appropriate sequence of our cells in order to infect and allow more virus to be produced, thus causing use to become ill. However, mRNA is just a MESSAGE. That's all it is. It cannot infect you. It cannot make you sick. It is just like you writing something on a label and sticking it to something to tell you what it is. Only a message. With this vaccine, if we just injected the mRNA our bodies would immediately destroy it. Therefore, in the laboratory, they needed to come up with a way for the message to get into our cells so that immunity can be produced. This comes in the form of a lipid nano-protein that covers the viruses mRNA so that it remains protected until it gets into our cells. Once the mRNA gets into our cells then the magic of the vaccine can take place. in contrast to ot