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How Can I Make My Training Plan Better Next Year???

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We are getting towards the end of the year and things are starting to wrap up. Our Jingle All the Way and other Holiday themed races (the ones that are still being held in person) are right around the corner with the Winter season coming soon. As we come around to this time of the year, we start to reflect on the past year whether it is something that we have or haven’t accomplished athletically or something in our daily/personal life. Based on how things have gone this year, I am pretty damn sure everyone’s plans got thrown out the window around March with the introduction of Covid-19.

Some of you are still trying to hang on to what is left. Some are looking to what has been missed out on. However, I see a growing majority of people looking to a bright future for 2021…leaving this terrible year behind.

Goal Development and the MORE IMPORTANT implementation of the plan you develop based on these goals are a vital step in medicine…including my field of Physical Therapy. Whether we are working towards goals of getting you out of troubles with a joint/muscle/ligament or other ailment restricting you from doing the things you love, goals are what drives you to continue to get to where you want to be.

When beginning your sports planning for next year what most people focus on initially is what races they want to do. They choose them based on location, an added challenge, or even a destination event. Something special in order to put things over the top for the season. The next thing we start to consider is how we are going to be able to attain these goals (I am not talking about the hotels and side trips you schedule out as well). I am talking about the actual training it takes to get to and complete those races...and the times you want to complete those in. Some are satisfied with just finishing...and that's 100% okay. You still need to train and plan in order to get to that completion. Therefore, whether you are going for the #1 spot on the podium or just trying to need to make sure you are making SMART goals

When I say SMART, it is not in reference to the actual word smart but the pneumonic. A word that comprises other words that hold a much deeper meaning. A guide so to speak of how you can aide yourself in attaining your end year goal. Now these SMART goals can comprise major goals you want to do with each race. However, you can take it as far as weekly, monthly, and even months for every three months of your seasonal training plan (macrocycles, mesocycles, microcycles, etc.). When making your goals for next your...make sure they are SMART!!! Let's see what that entails:

- SSpecific - your goals need to be something tangible. Something you can attain. It needs to be something easy to understand as well so that if someone else sees it, you don't have to explain it.

- M – Measurable - your goals need to have something that can be measured (duh). Stating what you are going to do, how much you are going to do it, and how quickly you are going to achieve this goal is what you would put down