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Buyer Beware...Do Your Own Research Before Buying

The title of this post seems pretty generic and very cliche doesn't it????....It is meant to be that way and, in all seriousness, is a very matter of fact serious statement. With the current climate we live in, people from all walks of life and business are doing what they can to take advantage of this situation and the people living through it...That's right...I said it. "...taking advantage...of people". We are all familiar with scammers calling us on our cell phones, home phones, sending us bogus emails. But now you can also notice, if you pay attention hard enough, these ads are coming in the form of things we actually need.

What I mean by this is that people and companies are attempting to generate a sale from selling you things that would benefit in this period of time....No...I am not talking about toilet paper (haha). I am talking about masks, exercise equipment, exercise programs, and other devices that they feel we "must have" but at the same time may not be as beneficial as we are lead to believe.

We all have experienced the Billy Blaze workouts, Nordic Trak, and Chuck Norris Total gym commercials from years ago but now with everyone being at home things have shifted and even in some cases doubled down on receiving exercise in a "virtual" capacity. If we look at effective and proven methods of getting people to move and exercise we can look at the Peloton biking or treadmill system and for my endurance athlete friends out there, Zwift. These platforms are great not only for being able to run, walk, or cycle from the safety of your home but allows you to compete with friends, socialize, and record your workout data all from the comfort of your own home. What else could you ask for than to do the exercise that you enjoy while at the same time do it with friends?!?

This brings me into the next point I want to speak on and to the first portion of the above paragraph. With many of us sitting home a good amount of us may have the television on, whether we are sitting in front of it or if we have it on in the background. Let me set the scene....

You are watching TV and a very enthusiastic, slim, toned woman bounces into the screen promoting an exercise video series that is just right for you to get off of the couch and moving. It contains X, Y, and Z different styles of workouts that are designed specifically to burn fat and lose weight to stay healthy. Sound familiar???...I am not done...Then, in the next commercial, a "new piece of exercise equipment that is going to take the world by storm!" They continue to pitch about how this piece of equipment burns more calories than standard workouts and y