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 Open During Covid-19

As a Mobile Health and Wellness Service, Ascent Physical Therapy continues to provide high level quality care to those in the community. Because we are mobile we are able to treat and serve you where you fee most comfortable. Whether you prefer your home, office, or even outdoors (weather permitting) the same level of care can be provided to you while still staying safe. 

Please see below for all of the guidelines we have implemented to ensure your safety.

If you for whatever reason do not feel safe seeing a professional in person and would like virtual services. Please reach out to us as well through the number below


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When choosing on whether to work with us or not, please see below for the following guidelines we utilize for each of our patients and clients to ensure your safety and preserve your health.

  1. Both Parties (clinician and patient/client) must wear facial (nose and mouth) covering AT ALL TIMES, especially when both clinician and patient/client are within 6 feet of each other. Whenever possible, physical distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained during the session. This goes for both indoor and outdoor meeting sites whether in recipient of care’s home/office or on the field.

    If you do not have a mask or facial covering one can be provided to you, if available, or session will have to be rescheduled until one can be obtained.

    If you do not have the appropriate mask or facial covering and fail to inform the office within 24 hours of your session, as a result, the session must be cancelled after the clinician presented, then you will be responsible for the cost of the session in full and the session will be rescheduled for a future date when you will have an appropriate mask or facial covering.


  2. The clinician will always wear nitrile (non-latex) disposable gloves during the duration of all sessions. Patients/clients are not required to wear gloves but may wear them if they wish for added safety and comfort.


  3. All equipment used by the therapist and by the patient/client will be sanitized appropriately between sessions to ensure prevention of contamination with each use of each piece of equipment with the appropriate cleaning products based on CDC guidelines.

    Sanitizing logs of all equipment used during session will be kept as per CDC and DOH guidelines.

    Sanitizing, again, will take place at the end of each business day to ensure appropriate disinfection and decontamination for the next working day for both safety of clinician and patient(s)/client(s).


  4. Physical touching will be limited to those tasks that require specific manual contact such as massage or other manual therapies which are needed to support therapy goals. All contact will be made with gloved hands to maintain sanitation.

    Physical or contact cueing during procedures will only be provided if absolutely necessary and therefore any cueing during performance of procedures will instead be provided through demonstration or verbal cueing.


  5. Sessions can be completed outdoors, weather permitting, whenever possible depending on the environment and style of therapy to reduce the risk of exposure to the clinician and patient/client.


  6. It is understood that ONLY the clinician and patient/client will be present during any session. No family members or friends/guests will be permitted, unless absolutely necessary, for the treatment to be provided.

    If at some point during the treatment program (outside of treatment session), you or a family member in residence have come in contact with and/or have been newly positively diagnosed with Covid-19, it must be reported to the clinician. Proper accommodations will be made and remainder of plan of care may be continued through virtual care until you or resident of household has tested negative after the fact as the patient/client goes through quarantine for at least 2 weeks

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